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Vogue Lilas

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The Best Way to Vogue Luxury and glamour... Should they always be extremely expensive? We really don't think so. That's why we have created this online tobacco store for our dearest clients. On our website you can always find the highest quality of tobacco products, and Vogue super quality is also at your disposal. But at the same time, we offer realistic prices without artificial upward movements in prices. Therefore, you can find cheap Vogue here anytime you like. What's more important, our website shop always provides the very best quality. So when you buy cheap Vogue cigs here, you also contribute to your taste, image and feminine confidence.
Brand Vogue
Cigarettes in 1 carton 200
Contents of Nicotine From 0.6 to 0.3 mg/cig
Contents of Tar From 6.0 to 3.0 mg/cig
Pockets in 1 carton 10
Tar 3 mg/cig
Nicotine 0.3 mg/cig
Lenght Long, 99 mm (Queen Size)
Thickness Thin (Slims) - 5.4 mm
Menthol No
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