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Vogue Blue

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Vogue Cigarettes: Style and Glamour A girl with a slim cigarette has always been a symbol of sexual attraction. Hollywood movies have repeatedly shown this magnetic image to us. And Vogue cigs have become a synonym of such an attraction. Its feminine design underlines the delicacy and sophistication of a woman who has made her choice in favor of Vogue cigarettes. The Vogue brand belongs to the British American Tobacco Company, which has proven to be a strong and honorable player on the market of tobacco products. The life of Vogue began in 1950, when there appeared a creative couture which was masterfully taken by a photo artist Henry Clarke. And the Vogue super style has started its triumphal walk throughout the world.

Vogue Cigarettes come with stylish, elegant and super slim appearance as well as unique, fresh and recognizable taste. Manufactured by British American Tobacco, Vogue cigarettes are famous as female cigarette brand soothing feminist aesthetic sense. From tobacco to chemicals to all-white packing design, every component of Vogue cigarette portrays a romantic picture. Buying Vogue cigarettes online is better for availing remarkable discounts on the purchase of whole carton.

The very name "Vogue" means fashion and trend thus referring to the fashionable and trendy cigarette brand. When a person hears of Vogue cigarette, the image of classy and awe-inspiring cigarettes instantly clicks one's mind. This brand caters to the smoking as well as aesthetic requirements of female population; therefore, it stands out as the most widely used feminist cigarette brand.

As far as the quality of ingredients is concerned, Vogue uses highly refined tobacco and top notch addictives that emit decent aroma when inhaled by smokers. In addition to it, the standard Vogue Cigarettes come in menthol flavor whereas the brand also produces light and full varieties of cigarettes. Depending upon the flavor, the packs of Vogue cigarettes come in different colors like white, green and blue. These packs are imprinted with a tiny branch having some leafs-another symbol for purity and natural ingredients.

Vogue cigarettes are first of their kinds that come in super slim design. Each cigarette is available in either standard size of 100 mm or king size 85 mm. Because of Vogue's unique outlook, females love this brand which makes it easy for them to save handy cigarettes in their hand bags without consuming much place. Besides, the glamorous packing adds to the beauty of this brand which is really a matter of concern for female population. Perhaps this was the reason which inspired Madonna, one of the most famous pop stars, to borrow this brand name as the title name for her popular song album in which she herself is seen to be smoking Vogue.

Another quality of Vogue brand is that it uses superior quality of filters in order to soften the taste by reducing the amount of smoke, tar, and other chemical ingredients during combustion. It gives the feelings of freshness, pleasure and excitement to smokers and adds to their trust which they have on this brand. Currently Vogue cigarettes are manufactured in various countries such as USA, Russia, South Korea, Holland, Switzerland and South Africa. The price of a single carton of Vogue cigarettes is $45 and one can get significant discount on purchasing more quantity.

Brand Vogue
Cigarettes in 1 carton 200
Contents of Nicotine From 0.6 to 0.3 mg/cig
Contents of Tar From 6.0 to 3.0 mg/cig
Pockets in 1 carton 10
Tar 5 mg/cig
Nicotine 0.5 mg/cig
Lenght Long, 99 mm (Queen Size)
Thickness Thin (Slims) - 5.4 mm
Menthol No
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