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Lucky Strike Strike Orig. Red

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The brand name Lucky Strike, also referred to as Luckies, was acquired by American Tobacco Company in 1905. Lucky Strike cigarettes were first introduced in the tobacco market in 1916 in an attempt to beat camel brand of R. J Reynolds. Purchase Lucky Strike cigarettes online and enjoy super light tobacco taste rich in nicotine quantity but falling short on tar and carbon monoxide.

In its early years after inception, Lucky Strike came with different slogans like "it's toasted" and "Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet". Besides, the manufacturer sponsored various radio programs to attract customers and succeeded by making his brand the best selling brands in the United States. Camel brand, at that time, was the top rival that competed with Lucky Strike from 1920s through 1950s.

Though Lucky Strikes could not retain its popularity and high status but still it is sold across the world including Belgium, Brazil, France, Chile, Finland Honduras, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Japan, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. What makes it distinguished from other brands are the unique manufacturing design, sweet flavor, amazing combination of ingredients, fresh aroma and economical pricing.

"It's Toasted" is not merely a popularity stunt for Lucky Strikes, it also indicates to the unique manufacturing method employed by the company. While making Lucky Strike cigarettes, the tobacco is toasted, not sun dried as is a typical convention of manufacturers. Toasting yields fresh, sweet and desirable taste unlike the sun-dried method which wears off the original taste of tobacco.

Lucky Strike cigarettes come with pure nicotine in full and light versions. The full version comes with 50 to 70% nicotine while the rest being tar and carbon monoxide. If you are new to smoking it is better to choose light packs as they contain less nicotine and do not taste too harsh. Another quality of Lucky Strike cigarettes is that they are non-addictive for containing zero chemicals as are found in William Morris' brands.

Lucky are those people who have Lucky Strike cigarettes in beautiful white packs. Until 1940s the same cigarettes used to come in green packs but that color was replaced by white because the copper used in making green color ran short for its over usage by the then army in the second world war. Due to this reason, the slogan of Lucky Strikes in 1942 was "Lucky Strike Green has gone to war".

Both full and light varieties of Lucky Strike cigarettes discontinued in North America in 2006 but still they are marketed and distributed as a global brand in counties controlled by British American Tobacco. $44 is the normal price for a single carton of Lucky Strike cigarettes; however, you can find awesome discount with online retailers.

Lucky Strike: Lucky Reds Once you have decided to buy Lucky Strike cigarettes, you should know you also buy a story. It's one of the oldest cig brands in the world, and at the same time it always offers the best quality which is demanded by customers. The history of Lucky Strike starts as early as 1870-s. And since that time the company managed to improve the quality of their product and develop it along with the progress of science. That's why in our day customers have got the possibility of enjoying the famous Lucky Strike original flavor and delicious taste.

Whether you buy Lucky Strike online, or in an ordinary shop, you come a bit closer to the legend in the tobacco world. It's Toasted! In the 20th century, the brand became really famous, taking into account its creative adds and commercials. First of all, the brand initiated a campaign with a slogan "It's Toasted". It was aimed at inFroming the consumers of a special method used in manufacturing of Lucky Strike cigs. Its essence was in the difference of tobacco drying. In the case of this special brand, tobacco was toasted, and not dried on the sun, as usual. According to the company's inFromation, this enriched Lucky Strike with a different flavor, enjoyable and rich.

Did Lucky Strike sale just cigarettes? Of course it didn't. It was a taste of fashion for women, and a feeling of strength for men, and exclusiveness for every single buyer. For example, in 1920s the brand's advertisements persuaded women to have a cig instead of having a sweet, thus providing a way to a thin body. Besides, the company started collaboration with Hollywood stars. Such famous celebrities as Marlene Dietrich, Carole Lombard, and many others, could be seen on Lucky Strike advertising photos. And if any hero in any movie smoked a cigarette, it was necessarily Lucky Strike.

Brand Lucky Strike
Cigarettes in 1 carton 200
Contents of Nicotine From 1.0 to 0.6 mg/cig
Contents of Tar From 10.0 to 6.0 mg/cig
Pockets in 1 carton 10
Tar 10 mg/cig
Nicotine 0.7 mg/cig
Lenght Long, 84 mm (King Size)
Thickness Normal - 7.8 mm
Menthol No
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