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Marlboro Gold

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Discount Cheap Marlboro Gold cigarettes For creatives beginning of the century was a great challenge to create a purely masculine feminine product commercials. During the large-scale advertising campaign face cigarettes Marlboro gold edge was chosen famous Hollywood actress Uest Mae, and the company slogan - «MIld as May». It should be noted that this brand has had quite an average success: no matter how tried advertising specialists, these products were not enough attractive to women: cigarette worsened breathing arose dry racking cough and zhelteli teeth. In early 1947 was carried out rebranding Marlboro red pack, which, thanks to one of the most memorable advertising campaigns - «Tattooed Man» Leo Burnett (marketing), went down in history. Over the next ten years, cigarettes Marlboro red label of the female is fully transFromed into men, and face a brand has become a popular cowboy Marlboro.
Brand Marlboro
Cigarettes in 1 carton 200
Contents of Nicotine From 0.6 to 0.3 mg/cig
Contents of Tar From 10.0 to 6.0 mg/cig
Pockets in 1 carton 10
Tar 6 mg/cig
Nicotine 0.5 mg/cig
Lenght Long, 84 mm (King Size)
Thickness Normal - 7.8 mm
Menthol No
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