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The most demanded cigarette brand ever made is not but Marlboro. The highest quality of Marlboro cigarettes combined with the finest taste has amassed unparalleled popularity grabbing the top rank in the vigorous competition.

Introduced by Phillip Morris in 1924 as a women cigarette brand, Marlboro got its name after Great Marlborough Street, the location of its first London factory. The pace of its success was remarkably on rise until the World War II dramatically decreased the sale of this brand.

By the time, the World War II came to an end, a new debate about filtered cigarettes and their being safe for human health had swept the entire tobacco industry. In the wake of this development, this Marlboro brand decided to launch one of the most remembered advertisement campaigns featuring masculine figures in order to inspire smokers.

Leo Burnett, the executive of advertisement campaign, decided to introduce masculine "Marlboro Man" in 1949. The new Marlboro cigarette packs contained images of masculine figures like sea athletes, captains, gunsmiths and cowboys. However, it was only cowboy who earned the name of Marlboro Man and became an inseparable symbol of Marlboro cigarettes.

From 1949 till 1990, this Marlboro Man had remained American icon capturing the essence of the ideal American man. For almost half a century, the Marlboro Man displayed the distinguished red Marlboro cigarette packs throughout the world on billboards, in store window displays, and above all on the pages of magazines and newspapers.

Aside from its advertisement campaigns, Marlboro appeared as the symbol of wilderness and freedom for youngsters as well as adults. In order to release the customers' concerns about the health risks associated with smoking, the Phillip Morris Company introduced a series of filtered cigarettes in different flavors namely Marlboro Lights, Marlboro Super Lights, Marlboro Medium and Marlboro Mild.

The most favorite and the best cigarette brand of the present day, Marlboro has a unique taste, flavor, and aroma of smoke. It has amassed global popularity, thanks to its rich, strong flavor that has no rival to compete it in the industry. The once light and mild versions of Marlboro cigarettes now come in three different colors: Red symbolizes heavy version; Gold is for Light cigarettes; and Green represents Menthol.

A big variety of Marlboro cigarettes are now available in the market; Marlboro produces cigarettes in almost every flavor and every size. While incorporating premium quality ingredients such as tobacco, fiber, flavor film, water, pouch materials, propylene glycol, natural flavors, potassium carbonate, sodium chloride and sucralose, Marlboro is undoubtedly considered to be the icon of cigarette brands.

As a matter of fact millions of people, both men and women, smoke Marlboro cigarettes because they are the best. To be a part of this prestigious community buy your Marlboro cigarettes online from us. Of all top brand cigarettes, every brand is available at discount prices in this online store, one that is ready to deliver tax free cigarettes at your doorstep. Interestingly, this is the only brand having dozens of varieties that can help you relax and enjoy pleasurable smoking sensations.

Cheap Marlboro online Marlboro cigarettes are a symbol of unsurpassed taste and excellent quality for over 80 years. The brand is today known to all, regardless of whether that person smokes or not. Start Marlboro brand is associated with 1924 year. Manufacturer of cigarettes the company Philip Morris. It should be noted that the original cigarettes Marlboro silver pack were represented as female. Red stripes on the filter provided the opportunity to hide the traces of lipstick.

At this time, the very fact of the sale of cigarettes to women was a cultural shock, just like a cigarette would now come up with specially for babies. Lady cigarettes Marlboro silver pack emerged from suffragettes who fought actively for the overall franchise. These representatives of the fair sex would in all equity, including those in unhealthy habits.

Brand Marlboro
Cigarettes in 1 carton 200
Contents of Nicotine From 1.0 to 0.6 mg/cig
Contents of Tar From 10.0 to 6.0 mg/cig
Pockets in 1 carton 10
Tar 9 mg/cig
Nicotine 0.7 mg/cig
Lenght Long, 84 mm (King Size)
Thickness Normal - 7.8 mm
Menthol No
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